AfriForum continues #TheWorldMustKnow campaign in USA

AfriForum’s Head of Policy and Action, Dr Ernst Roets, leaves for the USA on Friday 9 September to continue the civil rights organisation’s #TheWorldMustKnow campaign. During this visit, the spotlight will be placed in particular on the recent court ruling in which it was declared that the chant “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer” is not hate speech.

Roets will attend the National Conservatism Conference in Florida by invitation, hosted by the prominent Edmund Burke Foundation. During his visit to the USA, he will also act as keynote speaker at an event of the New York Young Republican Club in New York. The purpose of the function is to draw attention to the crisis in South Africa and the work that AfriForum does. Furthermore, Roets will address a series of meetings in Washington, DC.

“AfriForum has made giant leaps in international liaison and lobbying over the past few years. AfriForum is already registered with the United Nations’s (UN) division for non-governmental organisations and regularly participates in UN events to inform the world about the situation in South Africa. AfriForum is also looking at liaison opportunities at the African Union. AfriForum’s presence on the international stage makes it possible for us to make the world aware of the oppression of minorities in South Africa. With this visit we therefore hope to build further on this foundation,” says Roets.

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