AfriForum informs UN about problems and solutions in South Africa

The civil rights organisation AfriForum submitted two submissions to the United Nations (UN) on its work. Firstly, AfriForum submitted a written submission for the 51st regular session of the UN Human Rights Council, which will take place from 12 September to 7 October. This submission focuses on the problems caused by government failure and the persecution of minorities in South Africa. It also provides solutions in the form of a community-based future plan that allows communities to defend themselves against government failure and the abuse of government power.

Secondly, AfriForum compiled a submission for the Consultation Committee of the UN’s division for non-governmental organisations. AfriForum has been registered with the UN’s division of non-governmental organisations (a subdivision of the UN Economic and Social Council) as a non-governmental organisation with special advisory status since 2020. The organisation’s submission highlighted the importance of non-governmental organisations and civil society in building communities and acting as a watchdog against government power abuses. Furthermore, AfriForum argues in the submission, that non-governmental organisations should play a much more central role in the policymaking of the UN, since organisations like AfriForum have the local expertise to make a real difference at grassroots level.

“AfriForum uses its status at the UN as a platform to inform the world about the situation in South Africa. In this way AfriForum can find further support for its work abroad and exert international pressure on the ANC government to abandon destructive and discriminatory policies. AfriForum will continue to be a champion for civil rights and a free, safe and prosperous future on an international stage,” says Reiner Duvenage, Campaign Officer for Strategy and Content at AfriForum.

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