AfriForum on its way to the UN to shine international spotlight on discrimination and hate speech targeting minorities in South Africa

Representatives of the civil rights organisation AfriForum will participate in two opportunities at the United Nations (UN) on 27 November and 1 December, respectively. With its participation the organisation would like to bring further international awareness to the alarming levels of discrimination, race-based legislation and hate speech directed at minorities in South Africa. One of the pressing issues that AfriForum wants to bring to the UN’s attention is the South African government’s race criteria for exports in the agricultural industry.

“In 2022 the South African government was nowhere to be seen when their name was called for a speaking turn at the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues. AfriForum, on the other hand, was ready and well-prepped. Through international actions like these, AfriForum raises awareness on the international stage about issues such as racially discriminatory laws, as well as incitement of violence, against minorities in South Africa. The organisation also puts the South African government’s negative, and even hostile, positions, statements, and policies towards minorities on record,” says Ernst van Zyl, Head of Public Relations at AfriForum.

“AfriForum always meets valuable contacts and allies at these forums. AfriForum has also built a good reputation and legitimacy internationally over the years as a reliable source of information on civil rights issues in South Africa, in particular those impacting minorities. In addition to raising awareness, these 2023 actions will contribute further to that international profile,” Van Zyl concludes.

AfriForum will provide further details on each individual opportunity at the UN on the day of participation.

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