AfriForum releases latest episode in documentary series about South Africa’s open borders

The second episode of the documentary series Open Borders was released today. 

The episode titled “The Carjacker’s Carnival” focuses on how non-existent border control between South Africa and Mozambique is fuelling cross-border crime.

The film explores the consequences faced by regular South Africans because of the ease with which the border can illegally be crossed and how volunteers are stepping up to fight crime by forming neighbourhood watches and other civilian safety structures.

“It was extremely inspiring to see how civilians have decided to take up this challenge, by securing their own communities”, says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s spokesperson for Community Safety and director of the documentary.

“AfriForum has 159 neighbourhood watches countrywide, and many of these civilian safety structures fall in border areas. These volunteers must fight cross-border crime daily, and we’re very proud that this film can showcase how effective they are,” concludes Broodryk.

One of the main themes in this episode is how stolen and hijacked vehicles are smuggled across the border, resold in other African countries, and often smuggled back into South Africa again.

Open Borders: “The Carjacker’s Carnival” can be viewed here or on AfriForumTV.

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