Business in Spotlight: iDrive Uganda Adventures

This week’s business in Spotligh is iDrive Uganda Adventures in Entebe, Uganda.

iDrive Uganda Adventures is listed free of charge on AfriForum Worldwide’s World Guide. The Guide makes it possible for people to support South African businesses in other countries.

iDrive was started after seeing a gap in the long-term car rental market in Uganda for reliable vehicles. iDrive vehicles are extremely well maintained, with acute attention to detail. Our entire fleet is owned by us and we will not send you into wildest Africa in a vehicle that we do not know and maintain personally. This give iDrivers peace of mind – which means you can focus on your adventure of a lifetime! iDrive vehicles are carefully selected, low-mileage models direct from Japan with in-depth service history, and as soon as we take possession we go over them with a fine-tooth comb prior to handing the keys to iDrivers. We are also ideally located in Entebbe (Entebbe International Airport), which serves as a major point of entry to all holidaymakers in Uganda. From dedicated car emergency phones to in-car Wi-Fi, we are constantly trying to offer more than our competitors. Our vehicles are perfect for car rental safaris as well as expatriates who want the peace of mind of having a reliable vehicle, comprehensively insured and expertly serviced, without having to face the risk and unexpected costs of purchasing your own vehicle.

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