Business in the Spotlight: Beskuitblik

When you visit any South African home, the beskuitblik (tin for rusks) will soon make its appearance, containing the most delicious rusks.

Rusks served with a hot cup of coffee or tea make a perfect early-morning breakfast and are a healthy and nutritious in-between snack.

Brenda Smit was born and bred in South Africa. She and her family moved to the Netherlands in 1998. Cooking and baking have always been her passion, and her family and friends’ love for her rusks encouraged her to bake more.

“My passion for baking rusks has always been a family affair. I use my mother and mother-in-law’s well-tried recipes. My mother-in-law also supplied rusks to shops that sell homemade goodies, and thankfully she let me in on the secret of baking in bulk.”

Beskuitblik is listed for free on Worldwide’s World Guide. This guide enables South Africans to support South African businesses abroad.

The World Guide is where South African businesses from all over the world come together to form a community. Currently, the guide has just over 1 000 listed businesses, from Afrikaans doctors in New Zealand, to biltong shops in London.

Networks are more than mere businesses; it is also a valuable way of building a support base for those days when the longing for a South African wine, gathering around a braai fire and the Afrikaner hospitality becomes too much.

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