Business in the Spotlight: Herklink

Anelia’s grandfather passed away in May 2020 in the Western Cape. In June her grandmother sent her a WhatsApp: “I couldn’t even say goodbye to my partner … I just pressed my elbow to his for the last time at the hospital’s entrance. He called for me during his final moments and I could not be there.”  

Following this cry for help, Anelia and Andri created a virtual memorial service. Contributions came from all over the world: his daughters and granddaughters in Australia, family from all over the country, the Dutch Reformed congregation in his home town. They were able to say goodbye to him in a very special way one Sunday at 10:30 – every person in their own living room. It was a modest substitute, but still managed to bring some degree of consolation – and it became our calling to offer this consolation to others.

Herklink is listed for free on Worldwide’s World Guide. This guide enables South Africans to support South African businesses abroad.

The World Guide is where South African businesses from all over the world come together to form a community. Currently, the guide has just over 1 000 listed businesses, from Afrikaans doctors in New Zealand, to biltong shops in London.

Networks are more than mere businesses; it is also a valuable way of building a support base for those days when the longing for a South African wine, gathering around a braai fire and the Afrikaner hospitality becomes too much.  

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