Business in the Spotlight: IsMozBos

This week’s business in the Spotlight is the proudly South African IsMozBos who distribute their products to Malawi as well as other parts of Africa.

IsMozBos is listed on Worldwide’s World Guide free of charge. This guide allows people to support South African businesses abroad.

The story of this exceptional bush soap began with a true lover of the Bushveld who found her greatest inspiration in a picturesque bush landscape. Somewhere on a deserted dirt road in the delightful Botswana, the alluring earthy smell of wild sage caught her attention – in rapture with the fragrant shrub that had such a specific Bushveld smell, she realised at that moment that it had to be shared with others. Bundles and branches were gathered and carefully packed – and so she left with a suitcase full of wild sage and a head full of dreams. Before long, she used her skill with formulas to develop and produce an exceptional body product range, inspired by the picturesque simplicity of the Bushveld. IsMozBos’s bush soap is a little piece of Bushveld indulgence that can be used to keep the mosquitoes at bay while you are travelling or at home, all while reminding you of the unmistakable scent of the Bushveld.

Rina Lombard officially started IsMozBos in December 2016. IsMozBos started with only one product. She decided to make five boxes in different colours to suit different people’s needs. She started selling her product to pharmacy groups, especially with her background and experience in the industry. Harties Apteek’s Pieter van Dyk noticed her passion, and because the Hartbeespoort dam naturally attracts a lot of mosquitoes, the product showed substantial sales. Van Heerden Pharmacy Group was the next to sell her products. Today IsMozBos is available at all Outdoor Warehouse branches. Guesthouses, all Van Heerden pharmacies, Outdoorphoto and the Skukuza shop in the Kruger National Park are just a few of IsMozBos’s clients. Products are now distributed to Malawi and other parts of Africa.

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