Business in the Spotlight: Knysna Café & Bar

This week’s business in the Spotlight is Knysna Café & Bar in Paraparaumu, New Zealand.

Knysna is a family owned and operated café in Paraparaumu, established in 2021 by husband and wife team, Andrew and Tanya. Having owned a successful restaurant in South Africa for over 15 years, they finally took the leap of faith and opened something of their own here in New Zealand. Knysna Café and Bar offers delicious light breakfasts and lunches as well as some delectable dinnertime options. Our authentic South African milktarts, malva puddings and Peppermint Crisp tarts are handmade by Tanya. And … let’s not forget the mouth-watering Dom Pedros and artisan roasted coffees.

The menu boasts some Kiwi classics as well as a few South African favourites. We pride ourselves in the quality and freshness of our meals and because we also pride ourselves in contributing to our community, we are committed to using as much local produce as possible.

Knysna Café & Bar is listed free on Worldwide’s World Guide. This guide enables Afrikaners to support South African businesses abroad.

Worldwide’s World Guide is where South African businesses from across the world come together to form a community. The World Guide has more than 1 000 businesses, from South African doctors in New Zealand to biltong shops in London.

Take the chance and become part of this network. Networks are not only businesses, it is also a valuable way to build a support base for those days when longing for a good South African wine, chatting around a braai fire and the indispensable Afrikaner hospitality becomes too much.

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