Business in the Spotlight: Mama Beskuit

This week the spotlight is on a business in the baking and catering industry. Nothing makes you more nostalgic than a nice cup of coffee and a rusk. Mama Beskuit brings decent rusks to the Netherlands.

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Read more about Mama Beskuit:

My husband and I moved to the Netherlands almost two years ago. I so often hear friends and acquaintances who crave for a decent rusk! I love to cook and taste anything and began baking rusks.

I use real ingredients. Genuine butter, quality flour, and a lot of care. Each rusk is prepared, baked, and specially packaged right from my kitchen to your home.

Each recipe is meticulously chosen and adapted for the best outcome. I hope you enjoy it with us and I look forward to hearing from you!

My hope for this is to reach all my fellow South Africans who long for a taste of our roots, and hopefully someday we will expand to be a small bakery offering all kinds of desserts and speciality cakes!

Love, Mama Beskuit

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