Business in the Spotlight: Shanon Casey

Talent without borders.

This week’s business in the Spotlight is Shanon Casey in London, England.

Shanon Casey is listed on Worldwide’s World Guide free of charge. This guide allows people to support South African businesses abroad.

Hey, I’m Shan!

I am from a city called Durban in South Africa, but now I feel like I have homes in other places of the world too, like England and Saudi Arabia. Besides painting and taking photos, you’ll find me with a cup of tea/coffee in hand, chilling with my two cats and my hubby, Ross. I love them all so much, but I especially love living life with Ross, who’s a pilot, coffee snob and makes me laugh all the time!

I have a crazy love for Jesus, flowers, reading, being outdoors, carbs, and indie music. That’s me and a bit of my life in a snippet!

Here at Shannon Casey we not only believe in celebrating the good times with you, but also in creating art for comfort. We want to spread the love!

We are a bespoke art business – around here it is not about just creating mass produced goodies. You will find one-of-a-kind pieces here, each made with thought and love. If you order custom made items, you can trust in us to capture what you have in mind, with communication every step of the way.

The World Guide is a network that consists of South African expats and their businesses, and it helps South Africans to feel more at home in a new environment. Every week the AfriForum Worldwide team chooses one of the businesses listed on the World Guide to feature in the Spotlight.

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