Business in the Spotlight: Vic & Vee Interiors

This week’s spotlight is on Vic & Vee Interiors in Ireland.

Vic & Vee Interiors is listed for free on AfriForum Worldwide’s World Guide. This guide enables people to support South African businesses abroad.

More about Vic & Vee Interiors:

We have a passion for special and interesting interior decor and we have a heart for our home country.

Our business is based in the Republic of Ireland. We sell statement decor pieces, sourced responsibly from South Africa. We focus on finding one-of-a-kind pieces from quality suppliers we trust.

Through our online store we also hope to showcase the rich talent and resources from South Africa and its people to the world and provide global exposure to small businesses in South Africa. Our products and artisans are unique, different and authentic. Pieces in our store are sure to make a statement and start a discussion!

Products are sourced responsibly, artisans are compensated fairly and imports are conducted legally through customs.
Our suppliers are small businesses and entrepreneurs in South Africa.

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Contact Vic & Vee Interiors

Click here to visit the Vic & Vee Interiors website.
Click here to visit Vic & Vee Interiors on AfriForum Worldwide’s World Guide.

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