Business in the Spotlight: Wrapped by Design

This week’s spotlight is on Wrapped by Design in Australia.

Wrapped by Design is listed for free on AfriForum Worldwide’s World Guide. This guide enables people to support South African businesses abroad that can provide a product or a service in Afrikaans.

Read more about Wrapped by Design:

Hi everyone, welcome to my store. I’ve been a resident of Australia for almost eight years now, immigrating from South Africa, and loving every minute of it. I am mama to 3 children and nanna to 3 little boys. Opening my own business has been a long-time dream and I finally made it a reality in 2019 when I opened my very own little shop. Taking up woodwork at the age of 50! I would describe myself as an achiever and a perfectionist and will not send something out that I wouldn’t buy myself. I love my craft, I love what I do and someday I hope to have an empire to employ abused women to empower them.

All the work is done by me as I constantly educate myself on all things wood related.

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