How do you celebrate Christmas abroad?

AfriForum Worldwide wants to make Christmas unforgettable this year. Christmas is around the corner and as in previous years, we want to know how it is celebrated in the country you are now.

  • Are there interesting Christmas customs and traditions?
  • Do you still enjoy a traditional South African Christmas meal or do you try new dishes? Are there special dishes unique to the country you live in? Please send us the recipes!
  • Do you live in a country where there are few Christians and where you have to make your own plans to celebrate the day?
  • Are there beautiful Christmas lights in your neighborhood or a new Christmas trend that has started in your country?
  • Do you still celebrate Christmas in the traditional way, or have you found new ways to celebrate Christmas?

Please share your interesting anecdotes from previous Christmases. Photos are also very welcome. Let’s go on a journey together this Christmas.

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