Interesting Christmas customs and traditions in Ireland

By Kristen Mocke

Ireland has an interesting Christmas custom where candles are placed in the windows of one’s home. According to Google a candle symbolises hospitality.

Do you still enjoy a traditional South African feast or do you try out new dishes?

We enjoy the traditional South African feast for Christmas. I love puddings and sweet treats. I already placed my order with a woman who makes South African treats and we will collect our milk tart, malva pudding and koeksisters on 23 December.

Many people in Ireland have a turkey for Christmas lunch which is enjoyed with a stuffing. The stuffing consists of spices and breadcrumbs. Personally, I prefer a serving of leg of lamb.

Mulled wine or warm whisky is another delicacy to be enjoyed during Christmas.

Beautiful Christmas lights in the neighbourhood

Our neighbour actually put up his Christmas lights last weekend and our Christmas tree was already standing by the end of November. It is never too early to start celebrating Christmas, and the beautiful lights and atmosphere is contagious.

The atmosphere is especially vital for us South Africans who struggle with the cold, dark, winter days.

We visited our first Christmas market for the season last weekend and it was a beautiful market with over 150 suppliers. Christmas markets in Ireland are usually small, so we didn’t want to miss the chance to go to a big market. There was a large variety of stalls – everything from mulled wine, antique furniture, wood décor and many types of food.

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