Nature’s Corner – Bavaria’s Bambi deer

AfriForum Worldwide regularly shares information about wildlife in South Africa in Nature’s Corner, but we are also curious about what wildlife looks like in other parts of the world.

Jolene Harley’s story from Germany stole our hearts …

Near us at Forchheim in Bavaria (Germany) is a village and a forest where Bambi deer live. They sleep as still as mice in the long grass. One morning Quentin’s colleague was late for class because it was mowing day along the national road. Here in Germany, there are no game fences around the forests so that the animals can migrate freely.

Volunteers use drones with infrared cameras to track down the deer. The volunteers tab their ears for research and load them onto bike trailers to keep them safe until the grass is cut. Afterwards, they are released again. They don’t run away from the lawnmower. Maybe they think they won’t be eaten if they lay still.

Imagine it’s your volunteer job … I want to join.

Jolene Harley

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