Nature’s Corner – The neat African Scops Owl

This African scops owl (Otus sengalensis) grooming itself and calling now and again, was observed at Afsaal Picnic Spot in the Kruger National Park. African scops owls are small, grey, nocturnal owls with striking white faces, surrounded by black edging, and long, prominent ear-tufts. Their eyes are yellow. They have the largest ear openings of any scops owl. Their size ranges from 19 cm to 24cm with a wingspan of 45 cm. Insects are their main source of food.

The footage has once again been provided by Katie and André of Two-V Productions. We thank them for their great videos. Please subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow their Facebook page. Books in their Op Vlerke series can be ordered from Kraal Uitgewers and should be available in the shops in the rest camps of the Kruger National Park soon. Number four in the series is available now! Please note that the books are published in Afrikaans only.

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