Other people’s faith

By Maxie Heppell

Love means following His commandments, and His unifying commandment
is that you conduct your lives in love. This is the first thing you heard,
and nothing has changed. ”

2 John 1: 6 The Message

Another weekend, another unfamiliar hotel room. The melancholy threatens to bounce from the closet, and I intentionally go looking for nice things from my week to stop the tears from spilling.

There was this one day. It was not a good day, nor a bad one. It was just another day. Until I took a wide turn at Tesco and gave a beautiful black Golf’s mudguard a smidgeon of complimenting colour.

On that day, that ordinary day, I had a choice. It was not a flesh wound, just a few scratches. The owner would not have even picked it up most likely. I could have left it there.

But years ago, I sort of struck a deal with the Lord: If I always speak the truth, will You please work it out so that the punishment is not too severe?

And again, as every other time, He came through.

I went into the store and asked the lady behind the intercom to please call the owner of so-and-so. A few minutes later, a woman about 10 years older than me came up to me, her face not giving away a thing.

I immediately said I was sorry and that it was all my fault and that she should please walk with me to have a look at the damage to her car. Her reaction? Not what I had expected.

She barely glanced at her own and then looked over at my car and asked if I had seen that I had some damage too? In my panic, I didn’t even think about it.

We exchanged numbers and took some photos, but she assured me that she would not take it any further – it really was not that bad.

It was a good day after all. Me and the Lord’s deal was still intact.

Later that evening I sent her another thank you for being so kind about the whole thing. To which she replied:

“…my faith in human nature has been restored.”

And my heart folds in on itself. How humbling when you realize it was never about you.

Maybe I did not need another lesson in truth-telling.

Maybe that woman needed to believe again.

Your inspiration for the week: Prophet

Here are the English lyrics of this Romanian song:


Shall I keep secret from my servants?
My plan? Really?
Shall I keep secret from my servants?
My plan?
Thoughts of peace and joy
My thoughts
They are also good for you


Here I want you to do
A prophet in a dry place
Fearless, live
And to declare life to those who do not have it


I, I chose you
Out of the valley with legs
I picked you up
I gave you a name
I found you
I will be their father
Her daughters and sons

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