Spotlight Newsletter: 1 December 2022

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Here are the most popular articles:

The emotional cost of leaving your country

With the spotlight on expat depression and tips to combat it

Leaving your country and adapting to a new country goes hand in hand with several challenges: You have to leave your family and friends behind, say goodbye to your country of birth, adapt to a new environment (which is a culture shock in itself), and the unforeseen and hidden costs associated with emigration, to name just a few challenges. All these challenges also have an emotional impact on you.

Migration with children: the easy and the hard things

Migrating to a new country, with all that is so unfamiliar initially, is one of the hardest and most pivotal steps one can take. You’re probably all too familiar with the undue stress involved in your workplace environment, always having to adapt to the ever-changing landscape around you, in order to survive. But you’re far more adept at being able to cope with these life-altering decisions than your children are – or are you?

Out and about: an email from Northern Cyprus

Out and about is a column where we chat with people who currently live abroad, or who used to live and work abroad. This week we chat with Riaan Haasbroek who is a teacher in Northern Cyprus.

Business in the Spotlight: Flick Fingerboards UK

This week’s business in the Spotlight is Flick Fingerboards in the United Kingdom.
Originally from South, Africa, my husband and I have been living in the UK for the last 16+ years. Living in the UK, one of the things I missed from back in South Africa is the much loved game called “Vingerbord” (Fingerboard). This is a game we played back in the 80s as children.

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