Spotlight Newsletter: 14 April 2022

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The most popular articles:

Focus on expat depression

The importance of sound mental health is a topic that has become increasingly relevant, and deservedly so. Although there are still stigmas surrounding conditions such as depression and anxiety and its treatment, there seems to be a better understanding about the condition and an increase in people’s willingness to talk about it.

How emigration to England has taught us a more sustainable lifestyle

In just a few months we went from two cars, a flat with built-in cupboards and shelves full of clothes, a kitchen with eight of everything and every appliance you could dream of; to three suitcases and a 70 m² one-bedroom apartment in London – the beginning of our sustainable living adventure!

Culture etiquette you need to be aware of when travelling

Whether you are travelling for holiday or business, it is always good to know and understand the culture etiquette of other countries. How else will you know when visiting Sub-Saharan Africa that someone is greeting you when they spit in front of you? Or that you should never show the soles of your shoes in Arabic countries?

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