Spotlight Newsletter: 17 November 2022

Herewith the latest Worldwide Spotlight. This newsletter contains news pertinent to South Africans living abroad, but also interesting inserts from people living all over the globe. Feel free to forward this newsletter. Anybody can sign up for free.

Here are the most popular articles:

How do you celebrate Christmas abroad?

AfriForum Worldwide wants to make Christmas unforgettable this year. Christmas is around the corner and as in previous years, we want to know how it is celebrated in the country you are now.

So you emigrated, but no one told you about …

It is exciting to see the world and be able to make use of opportunities outside the borders of South Africa, but that does not mean that your roots cannot still be in South Africa. Many South Africans who emigrate realise that matters such as conserving your culture, having a support system, managing your money matters or making friends can be a huge challenge. But how can you overcome these challenges with support from South Africa?

Out and about: back on home soil

Out and about is a column where we chat with people who currently live abroad, of who used to live and work there and returned to South Africa. We would like to hear from anyone who would like to share their experiences with us. This week we chat with Elisabeth Lourens who lived in the United Kingdom and is now back in South Africa.

AfriForum releases report on ANC failures and federal solutions

“It is important that people take note of the scale of ANC government failures in South Africa, precisely because it should encourage us to further make ourselves state-proof through a do-it-yourself approach. This report shows that we definitely cannot rely on the government to save us, but that we should still be hopeful about our federal plans for the future,” says Duvenage.

Energy Indaba: Innovative energy solutions for municipalities now needed to build sustainable communities

The Afrikaner Africa Initiative (AAI), representing twelve Afrikaner organisations and leaders, organised an energy indaba for local authorities with the support of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and AfriForum. The AAI stressed the need for communities to work together and find innovative solutions for the ongoing energy crisis.

Business in the Spotlight: Juniper Shores

This week’s business in the Spotlight is the service-based business Juniper Shores in Surrey, England.

At Juniper Shores, we offer a tailored service, that works with you to organise your daily chores and busy schedules, to manage your relocation or that of your loved ones and to simplify your life by giving you the most precious commodity – your time.

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