Spotlight Newsletter: 22 September 2022

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Here are the most popular articles:

Ways for travellers to get affordable airline tickets

It is September 2022, the pandemic is almost a thing of the past and the pages of every passport are begging for a stamp. Worldwide spoke to Maria Nortier*, a seasoned traveller with a knack for bargains, to find out how she funds her travels. In this article she shares some of the secrets on how to make your flight as affordable as possible.

Out and About: an email from England

In Out and about we talk to people who currently live or have lived and worked abroad. This week, we chatted with Adriaan Laubscher, who lives in the New Forest area in the south of England.

Citizenship issues for children from parents with dual nationality

The birth of children in the United Kingdom from South African parents often causes confusion about the citizenship of the children, as parents are not sure whether the child automatically receives British citizenship and what the case will be regarding the child’s South African citizenship. There is also even more confusion in cases where the parents have received British citizenship, and have since moved back to South Africa!

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