Spotlight Newsletter: 31 March 2022

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The most popular articles:

Emigration: How to help your children adapt

Kate Berger, Child Psychologist, says communication is the cornerstone of any family who must adapt in a new environment. This means that you will have to talk to your children about what their fears are and what they are looking forward to. This also means that you will have to have difficult conversations about the realities of the move long before the move.

Choosing a school in Australia: Expert tips

Today’s topic is a particularly important one – choosing a school. It is one that I am so enthusiastic about and I know that for most parents it is probably one of the biggest concerns that you have when moving internationally: the children!

  • How are my children going to settle in Australia?
  • What is the Australian curriculum?
  • How do Australian schools compare?

Double tax agreements / Bilateral relief

A double tax agreement is an agreement entered into between two states in which mutual agreement is reached on the manner of taxation of different types of income and capital gains. The principal objective of the agreement is the elimination of double tax, i.e. the taxation of the same amount in both countries.

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