What do you want to be?

Chloe has the most beautiful Irish accent. And when she forgets that I don’t understand all the expressions and jargon of her mother tongue, it gets even better!

But Chloe is ill. It’s been coming for a while now, but this time it is serious.

Last night we chatted for 40 minutes with the hospital monitors bleeping away in the background.

We went deep.

I used my mom-voice.

We giggled.

We talked about God.

And I let her go.

Ten minutes later she fell unconscious and had to be intubated.

My first thought was: What’s the last thing I said to her? What were my final words?

A few years ago, these stickmen memes popped up everywhere:

This is Bill.

Bill wakes up and see it is snowing.

Bill does not tell everyone about it on Facebook,

because Bill knows his friends have windows.

Bill is clever.

Be like Bill.

Do you remember?

Be like Bill.

Be like Jesus.

When Jesus heard about Lazarus, there was not a moment’s thought given to the last words he ever spoke to Him, for He always spoke love.

The Lord is good to ALL;

He has compassion on ALL He has made.

…The Lord is trustworthy in ALL He promises

and faithful in ALL He does.

The Lord upholds ALL who fall

and lifts up ALL who are bowed down.

The Lord is righteous in ALL His ways

and faithful in ALL He does.

The Lord is near to ALL who call on Him,

to ALL who call on Him in truth.

The Lord watches over ALL who love Him…”

Psalms 145 NIV

In ALL, with ALL and to ALL the Lord is ALWAYS the same: Love.

(The only update I have on Chloe, is that she is stable.)

They say it is easier to stick to the truth, then you don’t have to remember the lies.

Perhaps it is easier to always be love, then you don’t have to remember what your last words were.

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